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“An outpost is a refuge, a safe haven in the midst of a hostile environment. And that’s what I want my books to be.”

As someone who’s had countless thousands of hours of enjoyment reading stories written by other authors, it’s my honor to offer you these thrilling tales of speculation, suspense, mystery, adventure, and intrigue – all of which occur in the same fictional universe, so if you pay attention you’ll see some connections – and I hope you enjoy them.

Set in an all-too-possible near future, the Slowpocalypse series shows the struggles of brave men and women as they try to survive the collapse of civilization in the hope of building a better future.


The Watchbearers books follow a motley assortment of time-travelers from the future who are stranded in our past and get into all kinds of trouble.

The Miraibanashi trilogy is a tale of espionage in a dystopian future Japan, and of revolution against an oppressive regime.

My aim is to write the best books I can, tell my stories the best way I know how, and publish them as professionally as possible. To make my novels available at reasonable prices and provide you with a satisfying experience. My guiding principle is this version of the golden rule – I want to give you what I would enjoy myself as a reader.     

Which is why I’ve established this web site/blog – not only to announce forthcoming books and special promotions – but for those of you who’ve read any of my stories, I want to hear your feedback (to help me keep improving.) I try to post regularly. Sometimes about what I’m currently writing and how that work is going. Sometimes about my approach to writing or my experiences publishing the books. Other posts delve into individual stories – ‘making of’ articles that go into detail about how I wrote those stories and why I made some of the choices I made. (Since these posts are spoilery, I give plenty of warning, and advise actually reading the books first.)

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All of this is based on what I’d like to see if I were in your shoes. I hope you’ll share your thoughts and opinions so I can improve both my books and this site. If you want to ask me a question or share your opinion publicly, you can comment on any individual post or page here or use the ask the author feature on my Goodreads profile. If you want to keep your question or comment private, you can send me a message. (Or if you’re on my mailing list, you can just email me.)

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James Litherland

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