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“An outpost is a refuge, a safe haven in the midst of a hostile environment.
And that’s what I want my books to be.”

Set in an all-too-possible near future, the Slowpocalypse series shows the struggles of brave men and women working to build a better future as they try to survive the collapse of civilization.

The Watchbearers books follow a motley assortment of time-travelers from the future scattered and stranded in the past.

The Miraibanashi trilogy is a tale of espionage in a dystopian future Japan, and of revolution against an oppressive regime.

As someone who’s had countless thousands of hours of enjoyment reading stories written by other authors, it’s my honor to offer you these thrilling tales of speculation, suspense, mystery, adventure, and intrigue – all of which occur in the same fictional universe, so if you pay attention you’ll see some connections – and I hope you enjoy them.

My aim is to write the best books I can, tell my stories the best way I know how, and publish them as professionally as possible. To make my novels available at reasonable prices and provide you with a satisfying experience. My guiding principle is this version of the golden rule – I want to give you what I would enjoy myself as a reader.     

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