Watchbearers Series

Book 1 — Millennium Crash

When it all goes sideways, they keep going on.

Everything goes wrong when the first researchers from the future land in the summer of 2000 in New York City—the master time-travel device is destroyed, the professor in charge is killed, and the rest of the travelers are scattered across that ancient metropolis. They’re stranded in the past, their project in a shambles from the start, and their troubles are only beginning…

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Book 2 Centenary Separation

Six separated Travelers,
each facing trouble of their own—

A malfunction of the supposedly fixed master time-travel device sends Matt and Page to 1912 San Francisco—only days apart, though that will make all the difference—and lands Turner in the middle of a desert in 1962. Nye is left alone to conduct her research in the New York City of 2003, where she’s mistaken for a terrorist, as Anya goes back to the summer of 2000 to try to change her personal past—with disastrous results…

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Book 3 Uncertain Murder

—A Sam and Bailey Mystery

In the summer of 1992, tech billionaire Brandt Keener dies drinking a glass of wine while dining with his nearest if not dearest on his small private island off the Washington coast. Three weeks later the same people who were present at his death gather again for the reading of his will. Convinced the man was murdered, time-travelers Sam and Bailey inveigle themselves onto the island to investigate, but their best suspects soon start dying…

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Book 4 — Prohibited Activities

—A Matt and Page Jazz Age Adventure
Courting their way through the Roaring Twenties, time-travelers Matt and Page just want to enjoy history, but between corrupt cops and agitating anarchists, their concern quickly turns to making it to the thirties alive…

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Book 5Temporal Entanglement

Reaching a reunion of the surviving Travelers
first requires staying alive.

Deciding a little judicious fast-forwarding and backtracking through time is just the way to fulfill her obligations to the FBI and help out her colleagues from the future while continuing to conduct her own research, Nye soon ties her personal timeline into a knot so complicated even she may be unable to unravel it—meanwhile making herself the target of a couple of highly trained hired killers…

Book 6Belated Witness

It’s never too late to uncover the truth.

In a Seattle suburb in the summer of 1989, someone saw a woman pushed out a window and plummet to her death. Unable to identify the killer, the witness chose not to come forward. And Dorothy ‘Ace’ O’Reilly’s death was written off as an accident, the murderer never brought to justice. But when time-traveling sleuths Sam and Bailey are asked to investigate, they can change the rules and discover what really happened. And in the process put more lives at risk…

Book 7Nuclear Secrets (Planned for March 2022)

—A Matt and Page Atomic Age Adventure

On an otherwise calm and quiet morning in the autumn of 1957, Matt and Page are rowing on the Niagara River below Horseshoe Falls when they witness a fight between two men on the cliff above, a struggle that ends with one plunging to his death. They pull the poor victim from the water to find there’s nothing on him to hint at his identity, and the local authorities refuse to investigate their claim of foul play. Then they’re followed, their suite broken into and their belongings searched—and they’re determined to discover why…

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