3 Free Ebooks

I’m currently offering each of my three first-in-series ebooks for free at all* retailers. Millennium Crash is a time-travel thriller which sees researchers from the future stranded in the past and facing a wide variety of challenges in an extraordinary cross-genre adventure. Critical Contingencies is a suspenseful near-future tale of two college students caught up in a dangerous struggle that starts the Slowpocalypse saga. And Code of the Kyoushi is the first in a trilogy depicting an unusual revolution set in a dystopian future Japan, which BookBub called a ‘riveting sci-fi spy series’.

*Amazon won’t allow me to set the price to free, and their price-matching on different countries’ Kindle stores is unreliable. But if an ebook you want isn’t currently free on yours, you can use the BookFunnel link to download a complimentary Kindle copy.

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