Critical Threats: Slowpocalypse Books 1-2

The end is coming.

Everything will change.

But the moment has been prepared for...

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This bundle contains Slowpocalypse Book 1: Critical Contingencies, Book 2: Threat Multiplication, and the prequel short story Durable Impressions.

Critical Contingencies

Katherine Miles and David Belue, students at the first Federal University and Research Complex in central Florida, face a new and dangerous reality when the compound is sealed to keep the facilities out of the hands of a secessionist governor. Each will try in their own way to protect the community from threats without and within. That could cost them their lives…

Threat Multiplication

Mysterious power outages, disrupted communications, and a rash of illness among the guards are only the beginning. Soon FURC Security Chief Anthony Nelson and his small, mostly inexperienced staff are overwhelmed by the hacking of the local network, the contamination of the food supply, and a seemingly impossible murder. And Lt. Katherine Miles can't help. She's far from the FURC on a secret mission, and if she can make it back at all, she'll be bringing even more trouble with her…

Durable Impressions

As civilization has slowly crumbled, Katherine Miles has led a life of privilege—but also one of preparation. Now, under the ominous shadow of a society coming apart at the seams, her mettle will be tested for the first time.

And the series continues with Book 3: Compromised Inside, Book 4: Peripheral Encounters, Book 5: Political Homicide, Book 6: Seismic Disruption, and Book 7: Catalytic Agents.

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