Friday, May 8, 2020

All In with the Freebies

Making Millennium Crash free has been a huge success, so I’ve decided to offer Code of the Kyoushi for free as well, for readers who want to check out my Miraibanashi trilogy. Now the ebook editions of all three series starters (four if you count Political Homicide) are available everywhere* at no cost.

Why am I doing this? The truth is, most people are reluctant to spend money trying a new-to-them author. So making these free is a way of casting the widest net to find the largest audience for my books. And already a lot more readers are discovering and enjoying them.

Do I worry that giving away these first-in-series will somehow ‘devalue’ them? Not at all. While it was gratifying to see people buying them at full price, and moderately profitable, that was mostly marketing. But ever since the only money I’ve made from Slowpocalypse and Watchbearers has come from readers who have loved a free novel enough to want to pay for more, those series have become far more successful. That is truly satisfying, and proves the value of my books better than anything else could.

*Amazon’s price-matching of my freebies on some of their international Kindle stores has turned out to be rather inconsistent, so I’ve made all those ebooks available to anyone who signs up to my mailing list as well, to make sure everyone everywhere can get a complimentary copy.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Free First Book in the Slowpocalypse Series

As amazing as the free run for Political Homicide has been – and I’m very grateful everyone’s enjoying it so – it’s still essentially a standalone. So I’m making Critical Contingencies free for a while again, to encourage more readers to start the Kat and Tony arc and enjoy those earlier books. If you haven’t picked up Slowpocalypse Book 1 yet, now’s the time to grab a copy. And if you’ve already got it, please let your friends know about this deal so they can check it out too.

Meanwhile, I’m writing Book 6, which picks up the story of the people in the Florida FURC three years after we last saw them. And thinking ahead to Book 7, which will return to the Northwest FURC and take up where Book 5 left off. Both will be full of thrills and surprises I’m sure you’ll find fascinating.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Millennium Crash Made Free

So many readers (myself included) tend to try new authors when they can do that for free (whether through the library or with a free download) I’d always intended to make the ebook edition of my first Watchbearers book free someday. And as difficult as the decision has been, that day has come.

Difficult because Millennium Crash has consistently been my best-selling book, with modest but steady sales every month even at full price, and it’s hard to give that up, even for however long I leave it free. But for an indie author like me, this is the best way to reach the widest audience and a lot more of the readers who will really love my books. And now that Book 5 is out, I know the time has arrived. So if you don’t already have it, grab a copy today, and make sure to tell your friends so they can get it too.

Thank you!