Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Double Cover Reveal

I’ve come out of hibernation to give you the cover and blurb for my next Watchbearers book (coming soon!) and the cover for novel number seven – still a long way away, so it doesn’t have a proper blurb yet, but it should be enough to tantalize you.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Things are Getting More and More Interesting

Despite taking time off and slowing down over the holidays, I’ve already passed the halfway point in the Watchbearers book I’m writing, where we see a second murder and our heroes…get rid of evidence? Dispose of the body? Really? Say it ain’t so.

Well, things aren’t always how they appear, and you can certainly expect some surprises. Like Uncertain Murder, this is pretty much a traditional mystery. This time, however, the premise presents opportunities for more twists based on the sleuths being time-travelers. And on being from the future.

At this rate it should be out in April or May, but I won’t be putting it up for preorder until I finish designing the cover—stay tuned for that reveal. And meanwhile, I’m only on Chapter 5 of Catalytic Agents. It’s even more fun to write, but I want to wait to give it my full focus until after I’ve finished this mystery.

Monday, December 21, 2020

As 2020 Nears the End

It’s been a rough year – for me as well as most of you, I imagine – but I have plenty to be grateful for. I finished my sixth Slowpocalypse novel, and it turned out great. The book launch went really well, the best of any of my novels so far, and a large part of that is due to the success I’ve seen this year from making all my first-in-series books free. I’m reaching a lot more readers now, and my audience continues to grow every month.

Even better, after wrapping up that book, I got started immediately writing two more, the next Slowpocalypse novel as well as another Watchbearers. And I’ve been averaging about three chapters a week – one for Catalytic Agents and two for the Watchbearers book. (I’m making an effort to focus on that since it’s been so long since Temporal Entanglement.) If I keep on like this, I’ll have the Watchbearers out in spring and the Slowpocalypse novel finished by the end of summer. If there is a spring and summer next year.

So, whatever the world has in store for 2021, I’ve got great expectations for what God will have me doing. And I pray that whatever may be going on in your life, whatever you may be struggling with, things improve for you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing (and safe) New Year!