Saturday, December 4, 2021

Catalytic Agents Released

A year after Slowpocalypse Book 6, Book 7 is here, and this was the most fun yet to write, so I think you’ll really enjoy it. We return to the Northwest FURC for this story, and you’ll recall they weren’t doing so well there. While Book 5 ended with Our Heroes staving off disaster, the community was left in a state of precarious balance between Tekihara’s administration and its opponents which couldn’t last. And it seemed obvious the appearance of Kat and Tony from the Florida FURC was going to upset things. Hence the title.

Before I wrote this, I imagined those two would set off an explosive chain reaction that would cause a huge mess. And while it was certainly a big bang, it was more of a compound reaction. Like in biology, when an enzyme catalyzes a series of coordinated reactions that synergize to create a specific outcome. Complicated, but beautiful in its intricacy. Clearly I had Help.

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