Monday, December 21, 2020

As 2020 Nears the End

It’s been a rough year – for me as well as most of you, I imagine – but I have plenty to be grateful for. I finished my sixth Slowpocalypse novel, and it turned out great. The book launch went really well, the best of any of my novels so far, and a large part of that is due to the success I’ve seen this year from making all my first-in-series books free. I’m reaching a lot more readers now, and my audience continues to grow every month.

Even better, after wrapping up that book, I got started immediately writing two more, the next Slowpocalypse novel as well as another Watchbearers. And I’ve been averaging about three chapters a week – one for Catalytic Agents and two for the Watchbearers book. (I’m making an effort to focus on that since it’s been so long since Temporal Entanglement.) If I keep on like this, I’ll have the Watchbearers out in spring and the Slowpocalypse novel finished by the end of summer. If there is a spring and summer next year.

So, whatever the world has in store for 2021, I’ve got great expectations for what God will have me doing. And I pray that whatever may be going on in your life, whatever you may be struggling with, things improve for you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing (and safe) New Year!

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