Wednesday, September 2, 2020

What You’ll Find Out

I’m working hard to finish Slowpocalypse Book 6, and if you’ve read the blurb you know it’s a tale of disaster for the Florida FURC community. But while you wait for its release, I thought I’d share a little more about what’s coming (without spoiling anything.)

Seismic Disruption is turning out to be one of my longer novels, and one reason is that it features POV scenes from so many characters. I know many readers consider Kat the star of the series (and I’m with you on that.) These books have a truly ensemble cast, however, and in the first four you saw the story of the Florida FURC through the eyes of seven separate characters. They’re all in the next book too, but it also has scenes from a few new points-of-view.

One of those belongs to Sara King, a bit player before this, but I’m sure you’ll find her story fascinating. And the ambiguous Alvin Fox reveals his real agenda. Another POV scene belongs to Director Jonathan Miles, a key player whose head you haven’t been inside yet. When you get his thoughts you’ll discover some surprising truths concerning the origin of the FURC project…

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