Saturday, August 1, 2020

Finding Favorite Indie Authors

Most of my favorite authors are traditionally published, naturally, because for most of my life there weren’t really any ‘indie’ authors. Even after the independent publishing revolution began, I was still trawling the library shelves and used book stores, which continue to be dominated by the trad-pubs, to discover new writers. That only changed after I finally – not that long ago – got a Kindle.

Almost all the new authors I try now are fellow indies, mainly because ebooks from the big publishers are way overpriced. Occasionally I’ll pick up a book by a favorite trad-pub author if it’s on sale, but when I scour Amazon in search of new stuff it’s the free and 99¢ bargain books I check out, and most of those are independently published. I’ve already found a ton of great new authors that way.

Sure, since anyone can publish a book now there’s a lot of substandard stuff to sift through, but there’s more than enough good stuff. Plenty of indie authors publish books every bit as good as what the big guys put out – and more reasonably priced. Enough for me to read all the quality fiction I want without ever paying through the nose again.

It seems as if every week I’m finding a new favorite, and the pile of books I’ve got to read grows faster than I can plow through, so I can’t give you an exhaustive list of the great indie authors I’ve found. (And many of them are exclusive to Amazon. As much as I love my Kindle, I’m uncomfortable recommending books you can’t buy where you want. Hopefully those writers will wise up and make their books more widely available.)

I intend to write a post now and then about some of the independently published works I’ve come to love. But until I get around to that, check out this collection of indie SF ebooks you can download for free from assorted outlets.

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