Thursday, June 18, 2020

Catching Up

It may surprise you to hear I’m having difficulty finding the motivation to write the next Slowpocalypse novel when it feels almost like we’re living in the middle of one. I’d really prefer reality didn’t catch up with what’s in my books. Better if those stories remain merely a plausible but fictional future.

Still, I continue to work on Seismic Disruption, and at least I’m enjoying catching up with the characters at the Florida FURC. I think I mentioned this before – the next novel returns there about three years after where we left them at the end of Book 4, and naturally everyone’s lives have moved on in the interim.

Normally it would slow things down too much to spend time at the start of the story finding out what’s up with them. But one benefit of the ‘disaster-movie’ format for Book 6 is the necessity of taking a look at where various characters are and what they’re doing in that moment of normalcy – in an appropriately doom-laden atmosphere – right before the fish hit the fan. (Kat fans should appreciate such an epithet.) And I can already tell this will be my best book yet, so I’m going to get back to writing it.

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