Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Free Run for Political Homicide

‘Tis the season, so I’ve made the ebook edition of this dystopian murder mystery thriller free everywhere. If you hadn’t picked up a copy yet, get it gratis today. And let your friends know about this deal, so they can take advantage too.

Even if you haven’t read any of my other Slowpocalypse books, this novel can be enjoyed as a standalone story, so go ahead and grab it now. It also works as an alternative entry point for the series, which is one reason I’m offering up this particular book through the holidays, so new readers can check it out risk-free.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on Slowpocalypse Book 6, which returns to the Florida FURC three years after the end of Compromised Inside, to the cast from the first four novels – and already there are a couple chapters from the perspectives of characters whose POVs you haven’t seen yet. I’ll refrain from saying who for now and let you speculate.

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