Friday, August 9, 2019

Start Several Series at the Same Time

Only with time travel, right? The fourteen fantastic novels compiled by the Science Fiction Writers of America for a limited time bundle deal include NINE first-in-series. Genre-bending blockbusters Blue Apocalypse from Craig Martelle and Jurassic Jail by William Alan Webb. The snarky time-travel thriller The Syndicate from Sophie Davis, the hilarious romantic sci-fi Supernova by Jessica Marting, and five more fabulous series starters.

There’s also a second-in-series, The Redemption of Michael Hollister by Shawn Inmon, which is probably the best live-your-life-over book I’ve ever read, and a third-in-series, Nairobi Jack – an excellent adventure you won’t want to miss – from Monique Martin, author of the outstanding Out of Time series. Both those books can be read as standalones (and the rest read in any order.)

With so many great novels to enjoy, you’re sure to find several new series to love!

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