Monday, April 29, 2019

The End is Near

Things have been going great this past month, and I’ve almost finished the final draft of Slowpocalypse Book 5. I’ll still need to scour it again for typos and errors and get some reader feedback before it’s ready for release, but it’s on track to be out June 4th. And I’m confident you’re going to love it.

Giving myself only a certain amount of time to finish each page, each chapter, has worked very well. Those weren’t hard deadlines I had to meet – I might get discouraged when I didn’t reach a goal, and life sometimes interrupts and wreaks havoc with the best laid plans. But when I was able to sit down and work for this or that long, I had a definite idea how much material I should reasonably be able to polish in that time. Then I did my best to make that stretch of the book the best I could in the time allotted. And the results have been quite satisfying.

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