Saturday, March 9, 2019

Why I Do This

Although I appreciate it when a reader posts a review of one of my books, I don’t generally give them a shout-out anymore. But seeing what Shannon in Canada had to say recently about Miraibanashi the Trilogy, I have to publicly express my gratitude, because readers like her are the reason I write. So thank you.

Yes, I enjoy the work in and of itself, but there’s no point to publishing a story unless people are going to read and enjoy it. And I’m pleased so many of you love my books. I’m particularly thrilled when what I wrote touches your heart, because bringing even a little light and joy into someone’s life is a big blessing for me. And it delights me even more when you’re moved to say so.

I also want to thank all of you who spread the word and helped make the Miraibanashi sale such a success – almost a thousand copies sold in one price promotion! Which is huge for an obscure indie author like me. And hopefully all of you who grabbed it will read and enjoy that tale, if you haven’t already.

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