Sunday, December 2, 2018

Various and Sundry

In addition to more work revising Slowpocalypse Book 5, which continues to proceed at a pace a snail would call slow, I wrote several pages of new stuff this week – a scene for a historical adventure set in Japan and then another for Watchbearers Book 9 – neither of which I’ll likely be able to finish for years, since I’ve got a lot of other books to write first, but they’re more stories to look forward to. Me to write and you to read. Someday.

And I did some work on Watchbearers Book 5, attempting to get my head around what I’ve already written, which is difficult because the different characters keep meeting each other out of order. From their respective viewpoints. I’ll worry about making sure you can understand when I get around to revising it, but for now it’s enough of a job to make sure I can keep everything straight in my own mind.

All that adds up to more accomplished in a week than for many recently, and it feels like I’m finally coming out of an extended dry spell. Writing that new material was a lot of fun too. Revising and editing my next book less so, since I can’t say if something’s not good enough I can come back and improve it later. For the final draft, I can’t let it be anything but my best. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because that’s impossible, but it needs to be right, and ready for readers. If it’s not there yet, I can’t stop – I have to keep working on it until it is. However long that takes.

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