Sunday, December 9, 2018

Cold Storage

I must be part bear, because when we’re having bitter winter weather – as we are now – I just want to eat a hot, hearty meal and then crawl under the covers (with a book) until spring arrives or at least a little warmer weather. (I didn’t used to be that way. I must be getting soft in my old age.) But as much as I may be tempted, I can’t. There are too many things I have to do (and sometimes those involve getting out in the freezing air and maybe ice and snow) to allow myself that luxury.

And then there are the things I want to do but can’t if I’m hibernating. Like writing. I enjoy creating these books, whether the work is flowing smoothly or frustratingly difficult. So while it requires a certain discipline, especially in these circumstances, I spend the time sitting at the computer, thinking and typing. And if the situation isn’t optimal, if it keeps me from firing on all cylinders, I still have to do what I can. And be satisfied, even if I wish I could do more.

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