Sunday, November 25, 2018

Counting My Blessings

It’s easy to find things to complain about, so I make an effort every day to think of what I’m thankful for. But this is a season to share.

I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, nice clothes to wear, and enough to eat, especially when so many don’t. Not to mention indoor plumbing, hot and cold running water, heaters and air conditioners – luxuries we tend to take for granted, but I wouldn’t want to do without. (Even though earlier generations seemed to do just fine absent such conveniences.)

I appreciate books – the thousands of books I’ve read (or most of them) and particularly the ones that have been worth rereading. Real treasures. Good books enrich our lives, and though they might be extravagances in a sense, they sometimes seem as necessary as air to breathe. And I thank God for the light and sight to read with. I’m even grateful for the internet, as the good does (or at least can) outweigh the bad.

And then there are all the family and friends who’ve been great blessings throughout my life, and all the interesting experiences I’ve had (which have provided a lot of inspiration for the stories I’ve written.) I give thanks that I’ve been able to write and publish all these books at this time in my life. And every reader who enjoys them is another blessing, an extra one. God’s been good to me.

I’m most deeply grateful for the mercy and grace and love of the Lord, which endure forever. But I’d better stop here – I’ve only just started counting, and this could take a while…

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