Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Power of Patience

I finished a couple of plumbing repairs around the house this week and feel pretty good about that, because I didn’t learn how to do handyman types of tasks growing up. And when I’ve attempted them in the past, it hasn’t often worked out well, but things are different now.

Now, instead of jumping in as soon as I think I know what needs to be done, I take the time to make sure, to feel confident I understand how to fix something and that I’m fully prepared to do it. And when I run into difficulties – as you always do – I pause and pray instead of letting myself get frustrated. I wait until I can see what exactly the problem is and how to handle it.

I made much better time writing my earlier books, but it seems my more recent novels have taken longer. This latest one especially, for various reasons. But I keep pressing on, because steady active persistence wins the race. It’s just that what that looks like depends. If you’re pedaling a bicycle you can cover a lot of ground in good time, but if you’re slogging through snow it can be slow going. And require an awful lot of patience.

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