Sunday, October 28, 2018

Many Thanks

I write the stories I’m impelled to tell, not what I think readers want. Not books that target the tastes of already established audiences, to suit the expectations of a specific subgenre, but books that appeal across a broad cross-section of readers. Stories that are to some extent cross genre and definitely a bit different. That makes reaching the right readers, the ones who will really enjoy my brand of books, difficult. Because I have no idea who you might be.

To help you discover my stories I run ads and the occasional price promotion – since I suspect a lot of you are like me and resist spending much on a book by an author you don’t know. But there’s only so much that kind of thing can do. (Particularly on a limited budget.) Thankfully, there’s one thing guaranteed to get the attention of the people who’ll want my books – readers who’ve read and loved them spreading the word.

Unfortunately, I can’t ask you to do that with any great gusto because I’m not good at talking to people about my books myself. But that also means I’m especially grateful to those of you who do. Whether that’s writing a review or chatting about my books online or in real life or however else you might express your interest to others. So this is, about four weeks early, a general thanks to all the readers I’ll probably never hear from directly. Much obliged.

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