Sunday, October 21, 2018

Doing Something Different

Not completely different, or different just to be different – which usually results in nothing but a complete mess – but with all the great books out there, the only good reason to write another is because you have something somewhat new to say. Or say it in a different way.

And since we’re all unique, in our personalities and life experiences, that shouldn’t be difficult. If we stay true to ourselves and our own voice. That means not caring what other people think and not letting a story just run in the ruts made by the books that have gone before. Though there’s no truly original novel, that shouldn’t be an excuse to simply reuse an old mold. There should be something special about a specific story that demands to be told. Otherwise it wouldn’t be worth the work.

Series are a prime example of what I’m saying. It can be great fun to revisit beloved characters and worlds in new stories following on from adventures we’ve already read. But while we expect to enjoy a similar experience, we don’t want what’s essentially a repeat of the same story, or merely a slight variation on a familiar tune. At least I don’t. And I’m writing these books first and foremost to satisfy myself. If you enjoy them too, that’s great. But just a bonus.

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