Sunday, September 16, 2018

Second Thoughts

On reflection, I’m relaxing the format for these weekly posts. The original idea was to regularly update you on my writing, but it’s discouraging when I don’t have much progress to report. If I have something worth sharing about the work I’ve done over the past week – I don’t this time – I’ll do so. Otherwise I’ll just impart what’s on my mind. Since I’m not naturally the ‘sharing’ sort, that should be enough of an exercise.

In that vein, I think I made a mistake back when I stopped working on Watchbearers Book 5 so I could concentrate on finishing the fifth novel in the Slowpocalypse series. Because it didn’t help. And after recently writing the start of a Miraibanashi sequel, I realize it doesn’t matter whether it’s the project I want to focus on or not. What’s important is to do my best to get good work done every day. Whatever it might be.

Maybe I’d have finished that fifth Watchbearers novel by now, if I’d let myself work on it while struggling with Slowpocalypse Book 5. Or maybe I wouldn’t be any farther forward with either. But it doesn’t do any good to dwell on what might’ve been. I need to focus on what I can accomplish today. And then tomorrow.

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