Sunday, August 12, 2018

2018 Week #32 Update

After a brief break, the horrible heat and humidity returned. And I’ve got the opposite of the momentum I’d been hoping for. Inertia.

Rewriting and revising is the part of the process I enjoy least, though I do get satisfaction out of a job well done, and it requires a certain kind of concentration that can be tricky. I have to be able to focus on the piece I’m working on at the time while keeping in mind the story as a whole and where that bit fits in with everything else. The main story and the subplots, the characters and their relationships, how and why things got to that point and where they’re going. Immediately and also finally. And all the nuances I need to let seep through into the words, even if few readers appreciate the subtleties.

Like any complicated task, that can be difficult to learn, but with plenty of practice it eventually becomes automatic. Natural. Unconscious, even. But if you get out of practice and have to consider the mechanics of it again while you work, it can be difficult to find the right rhythm. And I’m still trying to get back into that groove.

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