Sunday, January 21, 2018

2018 Week #3 Update

When I wrote Uncertain Murder, I discovered how difficult getting a mystery just right could be. And being a writer who doesn’t plan everything out ahead meant a lot more work on the back end, not just to get the details correct and the clues in place, but to make sure the story unfolded properly. And though the amateur sleuths were time-travelers, that novel was basically a straightforward whodunit. (And an homage to the genre.)

Slowpocalypse Book 6 (PH) is also on the one hand a murder mystery, but it’s equally the story of a dystopian community. And though those aspects are integral parts of the whole, I also have to consider them separately as I’m revising what I’ve written. I have to make sure the mystery works properly as a whodunit, not neglecting to keep the dystopian story strong in itself. And blend both into a single seamless narrative. It’s a new challenge for me, but hopefully when you read it you’ll agree it was worth the extra effort (and time) involved to get it right.

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