Saturday, November 4, 2017

2017 Week #44 Update

Wow, what a weekend! My Miraibanashi omnibus releases on Monday, and I’ve had a fair number of pre-orders come in. (I’m sure it helps that I lowered it to a special launch price of $2.99.) And at the same time I’ve been having a 99¢ sale on Millennium Crash, and it’s been going great. (It had gotten up into the top 20 time travel books on Amazon, but it’s since slipped back down.) That means lots of new readers!

Unfortunately, the weather here has turned warm and wet, which feels funky for early November. But I did manage to get a bit of actual writing done this past week. With the sales and the release in the rearview mirror, hopefully I’ll get a lot more done in the week ahead.

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