Saturday, September 30, 2017

2017 Week #39 Update

Last week I congratulated Zoe in the UK on winning a paperback copy of Starting the Slowpocalypse in my latest Goodreads giveaway. I got that printed the very same day she won, it was shipped the next, and she should have received it a couple days later. But UPS bungled, couldn’t deliver to her address, and left the package sitting in a warehouse for over a week before giving up and sending it back to the printer. So this week I’m apologizing to Zoe for the delay in delivering the book she won.

I don’t like to complain, but dealing with that hassle has taken time and energy in what was otherwise already a rough week for me. So I didn’t get much writing done. Hopefully this week will be better. (And hopefully Zoe will get Starting the Slowpocalypse soon and enjoy a good read.)

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