Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Week #21 Update

First, I’d like to thank Don for his review of Enemies of the Batsu. I also got a couple new reviews of Starting the Slowpocalypse – from Craftycat and Mr Toad, whoever they are – for which I’m grateful. And I’m glad they enjoyed those books so much.

It’s been a hectic week as I’ve worked hard finishing the final draft of Endurance of the Free so I could start sending out advance copies to readers, and there have been a myriad other details related to that upcoming release to take care of. Everything is looking good now, but I’m likely to spend this next week double-checking and trying to make sure the book is the best it can be before it’s let loose on the public. And I’m eager to see what people have to say when they’ve read this one.

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