Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017 Week #07 Update

So where am I at with my writing?  I’m about 60% of the way through the first draft of Slowpocalypse Book 5, and I’ve gotten around 60% of the final draft of Enemies of the Batsu completed.  I’m still a couple weeks or so from sending out advance copies (when I’d usually do the cover reveal for a new book) but since you’ve been waiting a while (patiently, as it’s taken me longer than expected) here’s the cover and blurb for Miraibanashi Book 2.  And by the way, the character in the center is ‘sei’ – meaning life, but referring to you know who.  Or do you?

As things are going, it looks like I’ll finish (or be close to finishing) the first draft of Slowpocalypse Book 5 by the time I begin the rewrite of Miraibanashi Book 3.  So my process is transitioning to a workflow where there’s more time between finishing that first draft and starting on the second, which will mean returning to a book with fresher eyes.  I think that will likely work out for the best.

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