Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 Week #47 Update

You didn’t think the holiday would stop me posting a progress report, did you?  (‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to my fellow Americans – enjoy your turkey!)  And as it’s been a while since I shared a teaser sentence and this shouldn’t be spoilery, here’s a holiday treat from me to all of you.

Seiko could take a chance like that—had to take the risk—because blowing her cover wouldn’t make her position any more perilous than it had already become.

Now I’ll start saying what I’m grateful for by mentioning that I began rewriting chapter 7 of Enemies of the Batsu (Miraibanashi Book 2) and have written more than 40% of the first draft of Endurance of the Free (Miraibanashi Book 3.)  I’m looking forward to finishing both, but it will still be a long while yet.  So be patient.

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