Thursday, November 3, 2016

2016 Week #44 Update

Thanks to Kimberlie for her review of Millennium Crash – it’s great to be appreciated!  And welcome to all my new readers, even though most of you probably aren’t seeing this – I still have to say ‘hi’!  October was far and away the best month I’ve had yet, and my thanks to all of you, readers old and new, for playing a part in that. I hope you continue to enjoy my books.  And don’t forget to sign up for Outpost Alerts if you want to be notified when I’ve got a new book out.

As for my writing, I continued to plug along on Miraibanashi Books 2 and 3 this week, getting into chapter 5 on the rewrite of Enemies of the Batsu and over a quarter of the way through the first draft of Endurance of the Free.  If there weren’t so many great books by other authors to read, I’d be getting more work done.

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