Thursday, October 6, 2016

2016 Week #40 Update

This has been a bit of a transition week as I’ve been proofing Prohibited Activities and taking care of a lot of the little details surrounding its upcoming release.  I reviewed my notes on the changes I need to make with Enemies of the Batsu, organized my thoughts and started in, but I’ve only gotten partway through the rewrite of chapter 1.  I also began on the first draft of Endurance of the Free (Miraibanashi Book 3, which will complete the trilogy) and wrote at least 5% of that.  And I feel as if I’ve gotten off to a good start.

Though because none of you have had the opportunity to read Book 2 yet, I couldn’t find a teaser sentence that wouldn’t spoil that story for you, so you’ll have to do without one this week.  And maybe for the foreseeable future, as I really don’t want to ruin your reaction to the end of Enemies of the Batsu.  Or the beginning of Book 3.

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