Thursday, September 8, 2016

2016 Week #36 Update

Congratulations to Stacy in the US, Cairine in Canada, and Bella in the UK, who won paperback copies of Uncertain Murder in my latest Goodreads giveaway!  (And with almost 1,500 entrants, this was my most successful giveaway yet.)  The books are on their way, and I hope they enjoy a good mystery.

And speaking of the Watchbearers books, I’ve gotten partway through chapter 14 on my rewrite of book 4, and after that there’s only one more chapter and a prologue to go.  My pace has picked up a bit, so hopefully I’ll have finished and moved on to the third draft by this time next week.  I’ve also made it more than 70% of the way through the first draft of Enemies of the Batsu (Miraibanashi Book 2) which is where this week’s teaser sentence comes from – Investigating possible ways he might do that, Roshike had found that the Batsu had recently installed motion detectors in the air ducts and crawlspaces.

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