Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 Week #17 Update

As you may have noticed, I’ve revealed the title and cover of Slowpocalypse Book 4 and also the blurb, because – Yeah! – I finished the third draft.  And started in on the final editing and proofing pass, polishing the prose and fixing mistakes to get it ready for release.

Also, I’ve written more of the first draft of Watchbearers book 4.  But no, I’m not going to reveal the title, cover, or blurb for that – at this point I’ve only got a working title, a preliminary cover, and a vague idea of how the blurb might go.  But what I will share is another teaser sentence, from what I wrote this week – The difference between being generous and bribing someone was something he thought a normal person should understand, but then Page was hardly normal.

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