Thursday, February 25, 2016

2016 Week #08 Update

Congratulations to Christine, Crystal, and Amy – the three winners of Whispers of the Dead from my latest goodreads giveaway.  I hope they enjoy it!

Also, I’ve been doing the research and developing my idea for Watchbearers book 4, and this week I wrote the first draft of the first chapter.  So I’m now working on three new books – that, plus the fifth Slowpocalypse story and the second novel in the Miraibanashi trilogy.  But I should probably prioritize the new Watchbearers book (because it’s been the longest since the last one.)

And then there’s Slowpocalypse book 4.  I just started in on the rewrite of the thirteenth (and penultimate) chapter.  It’s quite long though, so I may not finish the second draft by the end of the month.  It’s also too spoilery to take this week’s teaser sentence from, so I’ll give you a taste of the twelfth, a Kat chapter.

Tony might take his time responding when she called him, but he’d always answered her—usually with as few words as would suffice—but there was still only silence.

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