Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Week #06 Update

I realize it can be a long time between books, so I’m introducing a new feature – a teaser!  Each week I’ll share a single sentence (one that’s non-spoilery) from what I’ve been writing.  Since these will be from works in progress, they often won’t be in their final form, but hopefully you’ll find them interesting little tidbits of things to come.

This week’s teaser is from the eighth chapter of Slowpocalypse book 4 – MacTierney shivered as he swiftly shredded his shirt into a pile of makeshift bandages.  Which tells you who the POV character for that chapter will be.

Also, the cold and (a bit of) snow returned – though thankfully it’s not as bad as before – and slowed me down some.  Again.  But I’ve gotten partway into the rewrite of the ninth chapter now, and I’m hopeful I’ll finish this second draft by the end of the month.

And I’d like to thank goodreads giveaway winner Lamar for his reviews of the Slowpocalypse books and Whispers of the Dead –I’m glad he enjoyed them!

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