Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Week #52 Update

Special Year-End Edition

Thanks to all of you – friends and family, regular readers and reviewers – who’ve helped make this a great year.  I’m pleased to have been able to finish and release the third books in both the Slowpocalypse and Watchbearers series, as well as the Slowpocalypse prequel short story and the first novel in my new Miraibanashi trilogy (and publish an omnibus edition of the Slowpocalypse.)  Sales have been steadily climbing, and I’m gratified so many of you have been enjoying these stories.  Now I’ll turn to the new year and what I hope to accomplish.

This week I took plenty of time to rewrite the first chapter of Slowpocalypse 4 in order to get it just right, and finishing that book and getting it ready for release (probably in March) is my top priority right now.  At the same time I also hope to get some work done on future projects.

I’ve already written the first chapter of Slowpocalypse book 5 – which features different characters in a different setting from the first four novels – and I’m ready to start on the second volume of Miraibanashi (Enemies of the Batsu.)  But I intend my main project after Slowpocalypse book 4 to be the next Watchbearers book.  I’m still fleshing out the idea for that Matt and Page adventure (which is set in 1920’s New York) but I could begin writing it too at any time.

My tentative schedule has me aiming at a late summer release for Watchbearers book 4 and an end of the year publication of Miraibanashi book 2.  Of course that’s subject to change depending on how the work goes, but I love doing this, and I’ll be hard at work on one or more of these stories all the time, to get them into your hands as soon as I can.

Now, have a Happy New Year, everyone.  (And please be responsible.)

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