Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2015 Week #48 Update

Thanks to Canadian book blogger Jonel for her great review of Whispers of the Dead – and if you head over to PureJonel you can enter to win a copy.  I’m giving away an autographed paperback and four ebooks of my newest novel, and the deadline to enter is December 11th.

Also, the trade paperbacks of all my books are now available direct from the Canadian Amazon, which will probably make things more convenient for my neighbors to the north.  And the ebooks have become available through the Oyster ebook subscription service as well.

As for how my work has gone this week, I wrote chapters 7 and 8 of Slowpocalypse book 4, and the suspense is ramping up – but is it Kat or Tony who’s heading into real trouble?

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