Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fiction That is Christian

No, I’m not writing Christian fiction, which by definition is a genre that focuses on the faith and is meant to minister.  I write speculative fiction, stories about the adventures of various characters.  And they’re meant for readers to enjoy.  It’s entertainment.

But I am a Christian, and that does influence how and what I write.  First and foremost, my faith informs the very DNA of these stories because it’s part of who I am and everything I do.  Fundamental Christian themes like love and forgiveness, hope and grace are in their very genes.

My faith is also evident in what’s not there.  There’s no gratuitously graphic violence in these stories, and while characters have romantic relationships, I prefer to preserve their privacy and try to avoid intruding on their intimate moments.  And I eschew crude language.  When people need to use strong words, they use creative epithets like ‘flying haddock!’ or mild exclamations such as ‘blasted man!’.

My beliefs influence what I write in another important way.  My main characters, particularly the point-of-view protagonists, are all Christians.  They are various kinds of Christians to be sure, and their faith is usually in the background, but it bleeds through.  Because although my focus is on the adventures they’re having, their beliefs are part of who they are, influencing what they do and the choices they make.

I’m not (and have no interest in) preaching, so I don’t make a point of it, but if you pay attention you can’t miss the fact that these are people of faith.  I’m sure there are some who are so sensitive to the subject (and have problems with it) that even an occasional passing positive reference to prayer may offend them, but the ‘To God be the Glory’ dedication at the beginning of my books should serve as sufficient notice that these stories haven’t been sanitized for a secular audience.  And hopefully most of you, Christian or otherwise, will just enjoy fun adventures as the good reads they’re meant to be.

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