Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Week #33 Update

This week I rewrote chapters 4 and 5 of my new novel – I also sent out copies of Starting the Slowpocalypse to goodreads giveaway winners in Utah, Washington, and Wales.  And I’d like to thank Don in Canada for his reviews of Durable Impressions, Certain Hypothetical, and Threat Multiplication and Elizabeth for her review of Millennium Crash.

Also, this month marks the two year anniversary of Outpost Stories.  When I look at the six novels published (plus a short story and an omnibus edition) and consider all of you who’ve read and enjoyed them, I feel amazingly blessed.

Now, after two years and two hundred posts, I’ve built up a nice archive of material for those of you who want to read about my approach to writing, publishing, or particular stories, so I’m not going to keep writing a new article every week.  I’ll continue with these weekly updates, and I’ll occasionally post other things – more of the ‘behind the story’ series, for example, and responses to any interesting questions you have for me – but I’ll be spending more time on my regular writing.  Because I’ve got a lot of books waiting to be written.

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