Monday, July 20, 2015

The Slowpocalypse Omnibus

Today marks the official release of Starting the Slowpocalypse. It’s a collection of the three Slowpocalypse novels I’ve written so far plus the prequel short story in one huge volume. Half a year since I released book 3 and probably half a year before book 4 comes out, it seems a good time for this. But really it was a sudden decision to publish this omnibus edition.

One reason for it is simply the way that these stories build on each other means they work well (possibly better) as one big book, with Durable Impressions making a nice prologue for the trilogy. And I, for one, grew up devouring a lot of SF in these sorts of huge volumes (such as the Foundation trilogy and the Chronicles of Amber) so I know how enjoyable it can be to immerse yourself in a giant tome.

Everything will change.  But the moment has been prepared for.

When Director Jonathan Miles seals the compound containing the first Federal University and Research Complex to keep the facilities out of the hands of a secessionist governor, he sets off a chain of events hastening the collapse of an already crumbling civilization. Facing threats from without and within, the imperiled community created to build a better future will struggle to survive...

The Slowpocalypse omnibus is available in paperback and e-book editions at –


while the e-book bundle is also available at


And you should be able to find the paperback edition at other online retailers or special order through your local brick-and-mortar bookstore.

(Don’t forget – you can always ask your local library to get a copy of the print and/or electronic editions!)

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