Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015 Week #24 Update

Thanks to Sandra for her great review of Uncertain Murder.  So far it looks like my latest effort is getting the best reception yet (which is probably as it should be.)  And as I’ve gotten more reviews, the Watchbearers books are each doing better than their Slowpocalypse counterparts.  (Though there are some readers who appreciate the Slowpocalypse stories more.)  I’m interested to see if that trend continues.

Also, I’ve written another chapter on my new novel, and one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s requiring significantly more world-building than my previous books.  Watchbearers takes place in times and locations that should be at least vaguely familiar to most of you, so there was really only the future technology they brought with them to demonstrate.  And Slowpocalypse is set but a single step into a hypothetical future, so that world is fairly recognizable and doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

This new series, though, is set not just in Japan but in a far future that makes it more foreign still.  So my challenge will be to familiarize you with the civilization these characters live in without bogging the story down with a lot of exposition.  Which will probably mean a lot more work for me in the rewrite.

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