Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Week #18 Update

Congratulations to the three winners of my giveaway on Jonel’s blog – Kathryn, who chose the 3 Slowpocalypse novels, and Maari and Piper, who chose the 3 Watchbearers books.  My thanks to Jonel.  And my thanks to Sandra and Don, too, for their great reviews of Centenary Separation.

Also this week, proofing of Uncertain Murder has proceeded apace, and I organized all the notes I’ll need for my next novel.  I started work on the cover as well as the writing itself, though I’ve only gotten down a part of the prologue so far.  At least I imagined it would be a prologue, but it’s turning out more like a first chapter, and a pretty long one at that.

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