Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 Week #13 Update

This week I rewrote chapters 10-12 of Watchbearers book 3.  This rewrite is still requiring a lot of work (more than usual) but I’m enjoying it.  I’m also enjoying giving away more of my books – earlier this week I sent off copies to the latest goodreads giveaway winners.  And now that spring has sprung, I’m enjoying the warmer weather.

I also got a good new review of Millennium Crash.  A five-star rating but for a couple of typos – I hate those things, and I’d thought we’d caught them all on the last round of proofing – but thanks to Don for pointing out the problem.  I’m glad he was able to enjoy the book anyway.  I’ve just fixed the one, and now I’m off on a seek-and-destroy mission to get the other.

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