Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Week #5 Update

This week I finally got my first negative review.  Through thirty-odd years of writing, I’ve received my share of criticism – I can take it, and it’s often helpful.  And even the best books by my favorite writers have been savaged by some reviewers.  This is a kind of rite of passage all authors go through.

Of course I know some people won’t like my stories, and when I send out free copies asking for people’s honest opinions I expect to hear some negative ones.  At least Marigold didn’t waste her money on a book she didn’t care for, and part of a reviewer’s job is sometimes reading books they don’t like.  Since she explained clearly what she did and didn’t like about Millennium Crash, her review should help potential readers decide whether or not the book is for them.

Also this week, getting a good grip on the general idea for the story, I started in on Watchbearers 3, writing the prologue (actually two prologues) and the first chapter.  As a reader I usually like the murder in a mystery to happen sooner rather than later, so the very first scene is someone witnessing a homicide – or so it seems.  And the second scene is the somewhat mysterious arrival of the sleuths, seen from the point-of-view of a minor character.  Then chapter 1 is the first Bailey POV I’ve written, and I look forward to writing more.

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