Saturday, January 31, 2015

Durable Impressions

A treat for fans of the Slowpocalypse series, this prequel short story is a triptych portraying how Kat became a hero.

—From Protected to Protector

As civilization has slowly crumbled, Katherine Miles has led a life of privilege—but also one of preparation. Now, under the ominous shadow of a society coming apart at the seams, her mettle will be tested for the first time.

(Update: as this story is now included in the e-book editions of Critical Contingencies, as well as the e-book and paperback editions of the Starting the Slowpocalypse omnibus, and both the paperback and hardcover editions of Book 4, Peripheral Encounters, it’s no longer available on its own. But you can still read the story behind the story right here.)

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