Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Week #52 Special Year-End Update

This week I wrote a Slowpocalypse short story prequel featuring Kat – this is the special project I’ve mentioned a couple times.  I still need to rewrite it, revise it, and proof it, but I hope to be able to release it around the same time as book 3.  Though I’m not yet sure how I’ll release it.

I’ve also been proofing Compromised Inside, and in addition to catching elusive typos, I’ve already gotten some good feedback and tweaked the first appearance of one character to avoid potential confusion.  I’m also hearing there’s more humor in this book (and I’m glad of that) and that David’s role in this story feels meatier and more satisfying than in book 2 (and I’m sure that’ll please the David fans.)

    Reviewing the Past Year and Previewing the Next

Completing the sequels to my first two novels was great experience, and I was thrilled to make new covers available for all my books.  Even better was finishing the third Slowpocalypse book, which concludes a loose trilogy.  Now I’m looking forward to starting the new year with the release of Compromised Inside and the prequel short story.  But that’s only the beginning.

Next week I intend to start fleshing out my notes for Watchbearers book 3, my first proper mystery, and Lord willing I’ll soon be plowing through the first draft.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  It features Sam and Bailey, who were absent from Centenary Separation.

And I’m eager to start on the book after that as well – the first book in a new series set in the same ‘universe’ further into the future of the Slowpocalypse but long before the time the Watchbearers come from.  It will be different from those two series in other ways as well, but it’s too early to get into that.

The next novel in the queue after those two would be the fourth book in the Slowpocalypse series – the one I’ve said will feature a new set of characters in a new location.  There’s also a chance I may be able to squeeze in another short story somewhere.  I’ve got a few ideas I like, but we’ll see.  (And feel free to let me know if there’s a particular character you would like to see more of – maybe I’ll get an idea for giving them a story of their own.  But I make no promises.)
See you next week, have a happy new year, and God bless you, everyone.

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