Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekly Update #35

As suspected, this week I rewrote the former chapter 12 from Tony’s point-of-view and added it to chapter 11, then wrote a new chapter 12 (from Caroline’s POV.)  After that I wrote a Kat chapter, 13.  Then I finished 14 and 15, which belonged to David and Tony respectively.

You may have noticed that these chapters have fallen into a certain rotation through the point-of-view characters.  While (like Poirot) I appreciate order and method, I’ll have to be careful not to let that dominate the storytelling and be willing to alter the sequence if need be – whether that means the POV chapters getting all jumbled up so the story can flow like it’s supposed to (as with Threat Multiplication) or just tweaking the order here and there so it works right (like Centenary Separation.)  I should understand what’s best once I’ve finished this first draft.  (So there may yet be considerable ‘rearranging’ of what I’ve written so far.)

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