Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekly Update #34

This week I’ve written chapters 9-12 of Slowpocalypse book 3 – though I don’t think chapter 12 is going to last.  Chapters 9 through 11 are Kat, David, and Tony respectively.  But in 11 I broke the chapter in the middle of a scene to switch points-of-view (as I’ve done before) – this time from Tony to Kat’s perspective – and continued writing it as 12 and a Kat chapter.  But I rather suspect I’ll go back and rewrite the rest of that scene from Tony’s POV, as part of chapter 11.  It all depends on what’s the best way to tell the story, and right now I don’t know – but I trust I will by the time I finish.

Also, the new covers for the Slowpocalypse books are looking so good that I’ve been seeing what I might get in the way of new covers for Watchbearers.  They don’t need them as badly, and I just released book 2, but I believe better covers for all my books are on the way.

Oh, and this was my 100th blog post.

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