Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekly Update #33

This week I wrote chapters 5-8 of Slowpocalypse Book 3.  I’ll go into more detail when I post the story behind the story, but how I handled chapter 8 is a good example of why writing a first draft for me isn’t always a straightforward beginning to end job – I’m also making sure I get the story in the basic shape it needs to be in.

Usually if I realize something needs to be changed about a chapter I’ve already written, I add a little note to my list of things to do in the Big Rewrite.  For chapter 4, I had a long list of things I’d missed and would have to include when I rewrote it (and it was already a monster chapter.)

When I came to Caroline’s second POV in chapter 8, I realized something – much of what I’d written for chapter 4 really belonged there instead.  I’d skipped over some important set up when I wrote her first POV and charged right into a part of the story I was more eager to tell, but which really needed to wait a bit.

So ‘writing chapter 8’ really involved disentangling the parts of chapter 4 to put them where they belonged, then writing new material for, and half-rewriting, both chapters.

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