Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekly Update #32

I finished proofing Centenary Separation, and hopefully caught every typo (but I wouldn’t bet on it – they’re slippery little buggers.)  And I made a couple little tweaks based on the feedback I’ve gotten.  Now I’m really happy with the finished book.

Regarding Slowpocalypse Book 3, I’m still undecided about how I should organize the chapters and POVs – but that can (and probably should) wait until after I’ve finished writing the story (and have a better idea how best to tell it.)  So for now I’m just going to write it like the previous books, one POV per chapter.

Last week I wrote the prologue (Verity) and chapter 1 (Kat) and this week I wrote chapters 2-4.  Which are David, Tony, and Caroline, respectively.  Of course, any of that may change when I get to the rewrite.

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