Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Update #11

What I’ve been doing (and hope to do next)

This week I finished rewriting the epilogue for Slowpocalypse book 2, tying things up and slipping in a couple of hints about book 3 (which I’m eager to write now, but first I need to write Watchbearers 2.)  I also finished the cover for book 2 and finalized the blurb.  And I started in on the third draft, revising and editing the prologue and chapters 1-5.

Speaking of Watchbearers 2, I finished developing the basic ideas for the characters’ next stories.  As I’ve said before, two of the characters from the first book are obviously so separated from the rest that their next story will be too.  (And if you’ve read Millennium Crash, you know who they are.)  I’m saving their story for later.

That leaves six characters’ stories I’m starting to write now – though I’m not sure all six will make the cut for book 2.  All their stories are separate to one degree or another, but they’re also connected, some more closely than others.  If you know how I write, you also understand that I won’t really know for sure until I’ve completed the first draft at least.

And I’ve gotten started on that by finishing the prologue.

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